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My Life is an Illusion
or my Illusion is to live
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7th-Oct-2010 11:06 am - Happy Birthday Kato!!!

Waaa, He is now 26 years old, and he is amazing!!
Nowadays, my favorite singer, actor, and seiyuu,
and a great person... well I don't met him.
I hope someday I can do.
Well, only is a little photo of he...

Thanks to he and his music, I write some fics, and across hard moments in my life,
really is a very important person for me,
I hope he continous with his career
and the hapiness too.
4th-Jul-2010 03:19 pm - Love Revolution
I can't believe...
I'm watching strange Doramas, well are not strange because are great,
but is about women middle-age
I can see my future in this...
if I can have a Makoto or a Busho (hotaru no hikari)
or a Suga (love revolution) >o<
Today is a good day to think, what I really want...
I want to be a good person and student
if the love appear, I will welcome it

Kiss of Live – Hikai Ren
every day, every night
wanna kiss, want your lips
Let's start with a kiss
I want to overlap the soft truth
this instance Ha
To not lose against those blade-like words
I numb my heart
If it was a movie that makes up 
for my unfeeling days, I would be able to cry...
I want to have a kiss 
that will change my life, now

I'll be waiting for the perfect moment... I know is coming...

24th-Jun-2010 07:25 pm - Mi Life is a Pretty Dorama
Finally I finished Hotaru no Hikari (T_T), and the story reminds me so much to me,

Weeks ago, a boy broke my heart, and was at the same time that I watched Hotaru no Hikari, then I felt so bad but sometimes that makes think about things that I ignored until this time,

Sometimes the love is when you feel good with someone,
although he wants to make you happy, all is about how do you feel with him.

However, Makoto-kun is the perfect boyfriend...
16th-Jun-2010 03:20 pm - Kimi e...
Hi, I'm here again with a new video that I upload to youtube
Now from Mamoru Miyano, Kimi e...
enjoy that XP

4th-Jun-2010 05:50 pm - Prisoner Of Love
What are the things are matter?
If love...
but I am only 18, I have a long life yet...
I can't get down for little things...
Soon, the better is coming...
I know... I hope...

3rd-Jun-2010 07:52 pm - New Video!!
Well is no the video of Kazuki, but is fo the Hyotei boys
I have free time and do this XP
I hope you enjoy like I

Magnet - Hyotei...Collapse )
28th-May-2010 08:57 pm - Vocations
Today I was in an exhibition of vocations, and there was a conference with Sergio Sepulveda (who is he?) a famous person on the TV, about information.
I admire he, but I'm study now and then only went to watching he.
I think, this is a important help to decide which career choice, and this tipe of events...
well, I have to go o(≧∀≦)o

Nyappy Days!!!!
20th-May-2010 08:33 pm - Countdown.........
As I listen music and admire Kato

Only 7 days for the new single of Kato!!!!!!

One more spotCollapse )Read more...Collapse )
17th-May-2010 11:44 pm - A middle of night...
Why run?
I do not know ...
Why cry?
I do not know ...
There is only one word
... I keep to myself.
I want to see you.

a little videoCollapse )
7th-May-2010 06:53 pm - Kaxuki Dance Lesson
I found this video while I do anything jiji,
and is so great, Kato teach us how to dance a part from "欲情-libido-" from Kato Kazuki

Here is the Kazuki's Lesson

Waaa... I hope you can learn yes if not, watch it one more time XP
If you want to see more videos of he, visit the channel of the owner of this videos
is so good
Ne... see you
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